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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Good Morning, Sunshine

Actually, there isn't much sunshine, right now, which is not the kind of weather one associates with Israel. But the weather in the Israeli spring is variable, which sort of matches the situation here right now. I get up, and after checking my blood sugar (too high) and eating breakfast (too small), I check my email and do the standard review of the websites I check every day.

Not a lot of note this A.M., really. Israeli soldiers have stopped sifting the sand where 5 of their comrades were blown up a couple of days ago--it appears no more remains will be found. Haaretz reports that "some Arabs" are "upset" about their compatriots celebrations that involved dancing around, brandishing the body parts of the 6 Israeli soldiers killed in the first incident. Gee Whiz. It certainly restores my faith in my fellow man to know that not everyone thinks this sort of thing is acceptable.

Tonight there's supposed to be a demonstration at Kikar Rabin in Tel Aviv by the "vast majority" of Israelis who are in favor of evacuating the Jewish villages in Gaza. I'm in favor of getting out of Gaza (provided we can do it with panache and not look like it's a rout) but since the demonstration is being organized by Peace Now and the Left, most of whom I think ought to be stood up against a wall and shot as traitors, I won't lend my support. Come to think of it, since I've never demonstrated in favor of anything in my life and don't have any way to get to Tel Aviv, I wouldn't go anyway.

Managed to see "Chushingara" and half of "Once Upon A Time in America" on my new DVD last night. Amazing how Robert de Niro, made up to look like a 50+ year old man, not only looks like my cousin Sonny, he looks like Benjamin Netanyahu.


ahmadbadier said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Antigonos. I'm the anonymous fellow with the mild heart attack and the postal bank account. Didn't want to spend time getting passwords and the like. And I won't swear at you like that other fellow did whose post was removed.

A fellow did a search on my last name yesterday, sent me the results, and I found my stuff posted on the internet! I might not like that in thirty years, but for now, it's great. It means that someone is reading what I write. And as you have already discovered, perhaps to your displeasure, someone is reading what you write.


andy said...

Nice to see you're commiting some of your thoughts to posterity. I'd love to keep up with my blog, but it's sadly neglected right now ...

Antigonos said...


I have the feeling it will go the way of all flesh eventually, too...just looking at the current mound of laundry makes me wonder if I'll have any free time before Rosh Hashanah.

Do try to keep your blog up to date, at least roughly, if you're making aliyah. It'll be fun to read in future, after you've "survived it".

fajrdrako said...

I wish I had cousins who look like Robert de Niro!

Enjoyed your comments on the demonstration. I don't go to those things either, even when it's a cause I heartily endorce. I like to express my socio-political feelings in other ways - writing about it, for example.