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Thursday, October 09, 2008

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Clay Bennett
Chattanooga Times Free Press
Oct 9, 2008

The Rules of the Sukkah According to Dr. Seuss

From a cyberfriend of mine, who forwarded it from an anonymous source:

Rules of the Succah (with numbered footnotes)

You can build it very small (1)
You can build it very tall (2)

You can build it very large (3)
You can build it on a barge

You can build it on a ship (4)
Or on a roof but please don't slip (5)

You can build it in an alley (6)
You shouldn't build it in a valley (7)

You can build it on a wagon (8)
You can build it on a dragon (9)

You can make the s'chach of wood (10)
Would you, could you, yes you should

Make the s'chach from leaves of tree
You shouldn't bend it at the knee (11)

Build your Succah tall or short
No Succah is built in the Temple Court

You can build it somewhat soon
You cannot build it in the month of June (12)

If your Succah is well made
You'll have the right amount of shade (13)

You can build it very wide
You can not build it on its side

Build if your name is Jim
Or Bob or Sam or even Tim

Build it if your name is Sue (14)
Do you build it, yes you do!

From the Succah you can roam
But you should treat it as your home (15)

You can invite some special guests
Don't stay in it if there are pests

You can sleep upon some rugs
Don't you build it where there's bugs

In the Succah you should sit
And eat and drink but never ...

If in the Succah it should rain
To stay there would be such a pain (16)

And if it should be very cold
Stay there only if you're bold

So build a Succah one and all
Make it large or make it small

Succah rules are short and snappy
Enjoy Succos, rejoice be happy.

1. Maimonides (RMBM) Mishne Torah, Hilchot Succah, Chapter 4, Section 1.The minimum height of a Succah is 10 tefachim. A tefach is a measureof the width of the four fingers of one's hand. My hand is 3 1/4inches wide for a minimum Succah height of 32 1/2 inches. The minimumallowable width is 7 tefachim by 7 tefachim. This would result in aSuccah of 22 3/4 inches by 22 3/4 inches.

2. The maximum height is 20 Amot. An Amah is the length from the elbowto the tip of the middle finger. My Amah is 15 1/2 inches for amaximum height of 25 feet. Others say that 30 feet is the maximum.

3. According to RMBM the Succah can be built to a width of severalmiles. Shulchan Aruch also says there is no limit on the size of thewidth.

4. RMBM Hilchot Succah Chapter 4, Section 6.

5. RMBM Hilchot Succah Chapter 4, Section 11. RMBM states that one mayconstruct a Succah by wedging poles in the four corners of the roofand suspending s'chach from the poles. The walls of the buildingunderneath are considered to reach upward to the edge of the s'chach.

6. RMBM Hilchot Succah Chapter 4, Section 8-10 discusses the ins andouts of building your Succah in an alley or passageway.

7. There is a location referred to in the Talmud called Ashtarot Karnayim.According to the discussion there are two hills, with a valley inbetween where the Sun does not reach. Therefore it is impossible to sit in the shade of the roof of the Succah. I can't find thereference...hopefully next year.

8. RMBM Hilchot Succah Chapter 4, Section 6. You can go into a Succah built on a wagon or a ship even on Yom Tov.

9. RMBM Hilchot Succah Chapter 4, Section 6. OK, RMBM says a camel but dragon rhymes with wagon a lot better, don't you agree? Anyway, RMBMsays you can build your Succah on a wagon or in the crown of a tree,but you can't go into it on Yom Tov. There is a general rule against riding a beast or ascending into the crown of a tree on Yom Tov
10. Chapter 5 deals with the rules for the s'chach. Basically, you can use that which has grown from the ground, and is completely detached from the ground. So, for example, you cannot bend the branches of a tree over the Succah to form the s'chach. But you can cut the branches from a tree and use them as s'chach.

11. This would be a violation of the rule cited in the prior footnote.

12. Shulchan Aruch, Hilchot Succah, Perek 636, Section 1. The Succahshould not be built sooner than 30 days before the Chag. However, ifthe structure is built prior to 30 days, as long as something new isadded within the 30 days, the Succah is kosher.

13. Of course it's a well known rule that you must sit in the shadef rom the roof of the Succah and not in the shade that may be cast by the walls. It seems that this might affect the height of the walls,depending on the longitude of the location where you are building your Succah.

14. Technically, women, servants and minors are exempt from theMitzvah of Succah. In our day we hope we know better than to read outhalf the Jewish people from the observance of Mitzvot. Of course,that's just a personal opinion of the author.

15. RMBM ibid Chapter 6, Section 6 explains that you should eat, drinkand live in the Succah for the 7 days as you live in your own home.One should not even take a nap outside of the Succah.

16. RMBM ibid, Section 10. If it rains one should go into the house.How does one know if it is raining hard enough? If sufficientraindrops fall through the s'chach (roof covering) and into the food so that the food is spoiled - go inside!

RMBM = The Rambam, Rabbi Moses ben Maimon (Maimonides)
The Shulchan Aruch ("The Prepared Table") is a 16th century compendium of Jewish Law

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

If Broadway "Did" Kol Nidre

Baal HaBos links to a version of Kol Nidre which has simply got to win 1st prize for kitsch.

I hope the singers are going to do serious teshuva this Yom Kippur.

An easy fast, and גמר חתימה טובה to you all.