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Thursday, November 04, 2004

One More Gosling Has Flown

On Saturday, my youngest daughter (who's almost 21) will go to New York, to be with her 24 year old brother, for an indefinite period. She's travelling with a girlfriend, and they want to rent a flat and live the highlife of bachelor girls in the Big Apple. My daughter, of course, being a US as well as an Israeli citizen, can work legally. The girlfriend can't. So there is something of a question mark hovering over their plans.

The Baby really surprised me when she announced she wanted to go to the US. Of all my children, she is the one I thought I'd ultimately have to kick out of the nest: she did Sherut Leumi because she didn't fancy being in an army camp; she wanted to stay at home. And she's the one I'll miss the most--because of the advances in ultrasound technology, she was the only one of my three children that I knew the sex of definitely before birth, and we had the most interesting intrauterine conversations and have been very close ever since.

She's extremely computer-wise, which is one of the main reasons this blog's been in abeyance since July. Sharing a single terminal with someone who can easily spend 16 hours a day on a computer means that Mother practically has to beg to read her e-mail. Hopefully now this will change...but there's still one daughter, Baby's older sister by a year and a half, at home.

Any thoughts on how to get the Curly-Haired Monster to move on, and leave this Wrinkly in sole possession of her computer, her make-up (fortunately I'm three times her size, so my clothes are safe), and her sanity?

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