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Friday, June 02, 2006

Odd Priorities

This is in the Washington Post for Friday, 2nd June:

Schenck, a well-known evangelical activist, also heads the National Clergy Council and last year said he blessed every piece of furniture in the Senate hearing rooms where the Judiciary Committee considered the nomination of now-Chief Justice John Roberts.

The context is that, because the evangelical Christians can't put their statue of the two tablets of the Ten Commandments in front of the Supreme Court, they are installing it on the lawn of a private house opposite, so the Justices will have to see it every day. This is supposed to incline them to issue judgments based on Scripture rather than the Constitution.

But what interests me is that this fellow thinks it important to bless the furniture, which, so far as I know, being inanimate and insentient, doesn't have a voice (literally or figuratively) in anything, rather than the members of the committee which chooses new Justices to the Court. I would think that blessing the requisite human beings might be more efficacious. But then, not being a Christian, I might be mistaken. Maybe furniture is more important to the Christian God or Jesus than people.

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