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Friday, April 25, 2008

A Confession

Wednesday night I surrendered and ate chametz.

Since the onset of Passover I had been having continual diarrhea and suffering two to three severe hypoglycemic attacks per day.

This is a bit odd, since the usual problem for diabetics with the Passover diet is that they ingest too much carbohydrates -- one half a regular piece of matzah is the equivalent of a full slice of bread. Potatoes and rice (for those, like me, who eat kitniyot) just don't satisfy the way a nice thick slice of bread, heavily buttered, and preferably hot out of the oven, does.

Maybe it was too much gefilte fish, rather than the matzah, which tied my kishkes in knots; or rather, untied all the knots and greased the intestinal runway.

Ah well, I'm sure God understands, and hey, I'm in the Holy Land anyway, so maybe He'll think I've done my bit already

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