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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Do As I Say, Not Do As I Do", or, There Appears to Be a Credibility Gap Here

Steve Greenberg
Ventura County Star
Jun 25, 2008

It was truly amazing to see Tony Blair, on TV, the other evening, making the point that unless the Palestinians can behave with the maturity and sense of responsibility that normal sovereign states show, they can forget about getting independence. To be honest, we are so used to having excuses made for the Palestinians, this was rather refreshing.

Now, either Islamic Jihad is outside the control of Hamas, in which case Hamas can hardly consider itself "governing" Gaza, or Hamas is using Islamic Jihad to do its dirty work, which means Hamas never intended to observe any truce, while demanding from the international community that Israel do so.


estherar said...

Isn't that exactly what we were saying 10 years ago about Arafat vis-a-vis Hamas?

Plus ca change...

pinky said...

Ok...STupid question. But do you know STanley Rotman? He works at Ben-gurion University. He is a friend of my sisters. I know Isreal is a big place but I figured I would ask anyways. ANd while I am at it do you know Marty Neuger? He is my FIL's cousin.

Antigonos said...

Sorry, don't know either of them.

pinky said...

Didn't expect you did but I could not help but ask.