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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Political Cartoon I REALLY Don't Like

Elena Steier
Center for American Blogress
Sep 9, 2008

Generally, I will put up cartoons I find humorous or am in sympathy with. This one really turns me off.

I'm no friend of the evangelical Christian Right. But this one is not only extreme [note the "tattoo"], it is also far too misogynist, and demeans both McCain and Palin.

I find it interesting that the cartoonists are focussing a lot on Palin as a real bitch now, when a good many of my cybercorrespondents are focussing on pledges by both Presidential candidates to lower taxes. As always, the American voter [and voters in most other places, to be honest] is swayed by the state of his/her wallet more than almost anything else.


pinky said...

I don't even understand the meaning of the tatoo? It has me confused.

pinky said...

I don't understand the meaning of the tatoo. I am at a complete loss. Can you explain WTF they are trying to say?

Antigonos said...

Certain evangelical Christians are very fond of Israel because they believe the Second Coming of Jesus will only take place if all the Jews are reunited in Israel, and converted to Christianity. There seems to be a report that Palin's pastor made a comment that the recent bulldozer attacks "showed" that God was punishing the Israeli Jews for not converting. I don't know if this is actually what he said, but I have the deepest suspicions whenever Christians profess to love the Jews.

pinky said...

Sounds pretty creepy to me. Thanks for clearing that up for me.