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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize for WHAT?

Jake Fuller
Oct 10, 2009

A bit facetious, but with a solid grain of truth. Can anyone think of a concrete thing Obama has done in his 9 months in office that really advanced world peace? Perhaps the prize should have gone to his speechwriters.


HanpaSunka said...

He has made positive hopeful sounds. But nothing that deserves a Nobel Peace Prize so far as I can tell. Lots of us make hopeful sounds.. just none of us were elected President of the USA. Maybe the Nobel should go to those who elected him..

Vern said...

I agree that being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize may have been somewhat premature. However, as a sign that President Obama's agenda is being viewed as a radical and welcome change of direction for the U.S., by the rest of the world, I don't believe it was an inappropriate decision.

Anonymous said...

You have to admit, he can read the Hell off of a teleprompter. And according to my Lib relatives, he excels at Not Being GW Bush.

(Apparently you linked to something of mine, but darned if I can tell what...) :)