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Sunday, February 28, 2010

You Read It Here First

Several years ago, I predicted this (I wrote about an "unconfirmed report from Iran that they had missiles that could hit London") but on at least one list to which I belong I was accused of "warmongering", of course because I am an Israeli, and therefore, "biased".

"Buy Iranian oil at $500 per barrel, or we take out Vienna".

But personally, I think The Clown of Teheran wants a Shi'ite hegemony over the Middle East. The Shi'ites have a long, long grudge against Sunni Islam. Turning Syria into an Iranian proxy is only the first step in Achmadinejad's plan, just as Hitler "only" wanted the Ruhr, and the rights of the Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia "guaranteed".

But of course, being Israeli, I'm biased. There's nothing to fear from Achmadinejad, just as there was nothing to fear from Hitler...


Donna said...

Sarah You've misspelled Ahmadinejad.


Antigonos said...

Well, yes and no. The "h" is a Scottish "ch" [as in loch]. And given that his name is actually written in Farsi, using the Arabic alphabet, which has sounds English doesn't have, then there is room for variation. [In Hebrew, btw, which does have the "Scottish 'ch'", his name is spelt with it]

The spelling of his name should be the biggest problem the world has with him

Donna said...

You are right in that writing an arabic name in English loses sounds at times. however I can safely disagree with you on this pronunciation since I read and write Arabic and Farsi. The H in this case is not the CH that you describe. It is the sound of H in such names as Helen, Holly, Hank and so on. Ahmad is a very old Muslim name and Ahmadi-nejad is much like Mac_Duh. As in the son of, from the line of, or blood of Ahmad. I'm sure many people mispronounce the name but if we wish to write something about him and sound intelligent we must spell the name correctly.

I see that you are very passionate about issues involving Iran and Ahmadinejad. I just thought you are too educated to make a spelling mistake like this.