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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Confusion Reigns Supreme

Obama put his foot in his mouth when he made his Middle East speech; today, to AIPAC, trying to redeem himself, he made it worse. Commentary magazine has three excellent comments: here , here, and here, and there will probably be more to link to in the next few days.

Fortunately for us, the Palestinians are as unwelcoming for Obama's cockamamie ideas as are the Israelis. Fatah has already announced that there won't be any talks at all until Israel retreats to the 1948 armistice lines and that includes relinquishing Jerusalem's Old City. As Bibi so simply said, Israel will not accept indefensible borders. Tourists have often asked me why Ben Gurion Airport is so close to Tel Aviv -- should there be an accident, the civilian casualties on the ground would be horrific. When I explain that Israel was exactly 17 miles wide at this point between 1948 and 1967 and the airport could not be sited farther from Tel Aviv as it was on the border, mouths gape open in astonishment.

Flying time from Amman, Jordan to Tel Aviv is 20 minutes. In the event of an attack the Israeli Air Force has 20 seconds to scramble, which is why a substantial portion of it is always in the air. Driving time from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv is about 40 minutes (except when traffic is heavy, which is just about always). It takes about as long to drive the entire length of Israel from the Lebanese border to Eilat as it does to drive from Boston to Washington, DC --and that's on pretty bad roads, if we had decent highways through the Jordan Valley and the Negev, the trip would take 6 hours or less. Flying time from BG to Eilat is half an hour. Even with all the territory Israel gained in the Six Days' War, Israel is still a very small country. But Obama thinks we will commit suicide for him. Hah.

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