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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Ship of State is Rudderless [Surprise!]

In about 4 more days Israel will have been one month without a government, which is about the worst situation -- even worse than having a coalition -- it can be in.  I'm very glum.  The Israeli system is really bankrupt.

This time around, the negotiations between the parties have not made a lot of headlines, so it is very difficult to determine just what is happening [if indeed anything is].  Bibi will continue as Prime Minister.  Whether he will be able to govern in any meaningful way or be held hostage by competing interests is unclear.

And apart from the coalition infighting, Lieberman is going on trial: the joker in the pack.  Whatever agreements are carved out now between the parties with the largest electoral blocs, it will all be moot when the verdict on Lieberman comes in.  Watch his party bolt the coalition if he doesn't get his job as FM back; watch Yesh Atid or Bayit HaYehudi bolt if he does.

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