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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Of Women and Obama's Sleight of Hand

This article in the NY Times, and the beautiful timing of this Obama gimmick shows just how well the new administration is showing that it is "reaching out" to minorities [are women a minority? Jews certainly are]

First White House "Seder", and he kisses the people vowed to the extermination of Israel on the cheeks, and seems powerless to understand the Islamic mentality that will create a nuclear jihad against the Western Infidel and against Israel if not stopped. What a Christian was doing at a Passover Seder is inexplicable, and to have the announcement of the continued waiver that allows an anti-Jewish and anti-Israel terrorist organization to function in the US is a major insult to every Jew in the Diaspora and in Israel.

Achmadinejad, and the Afghanis now have the true measure of the US President: a man who thinks words substitute for actions, and who thereby shows that he's really so weak he can't stop anyone.


Traudy S.. said...

If you think that Mr. O. is quite stupid in his behavior he is a shame to us US citizen. Bowing to the Arabs who caused the twin tower murders is the last straw.I guess on 4-12-09 he is going to choose a mosque in Wa. DC as his church, finally showing to all what his true believe and religion is.Israel better beware! The Chicago Mafia is not on your side.

Antigonos said...

I have never had the slightest sympathy for those who think Obama is a crypto-Moslem. He's just a fuzzy-minded liberal who wants to be all things to all people, and who hasn't really thought through what that can mean.

He's all smoke and no substance. Had he a firm grip on those in his government, he probably would have delayed announcing the waiver. But his inexperience is showing.