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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Gee Whiz, It's Another iThingy!

Nate Beeler
Washington Examiner
Apr 4, 2010

For the moment, I can't see what possible use I would have for an iPad -- but of course, that could change...


Anonymous said...

If you already use an ebook reader, this one has a bigger screen and in colour as well. So useful for downloaded books (of which there are zillions free). Also decent sized PDFs for health education? Will have 3G capability, so a rudimentary online computer to look at with the feet up. Ability to use iPhone apps, which are often silly but often useful too. regards from edella in the UK

Antigonos said...

I've got a Kindle, which I love. The iPad is heavier, the number of books available is about 60,000 compared to Amazon's more than 400,000.[The "zillions free" is meaningless if there's nothing on the list I want to read. I can access Project Gutenberg on my Kindle and I've yet to find a single book that interests me]. Its potential as a computer is disputed. Battery life is about 10 hours, compared with a once in 2 weeks charge for my Kindle. Backlit screen tires my eyes. The ability to be on the internet, etc. may not mean much where I live. [The rumors are that Amazon will debut a third generation Kindle, in color, this year, btw]
The reviews I've read so far describe it as a large iPod Touch. It doesn't have the memory [160 GB] that my classic iPod does.
The number and variety of apps remains to be seen.
It's possible that I might want an iPad in a couple of years' time, I don't know. Right now I've got a Lenovo "netbook" that is only slightly bigger than an iPad and does a lot more.
What amused me about the cartoon is that Apple hails it as a "new" breakthrough; most of the reviews I've read say that for the same money, one can buy a good laptop which will do a lot more.