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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Obama Admits That, Against Ahmadinejad, He's Clueless

Two articles, one in the Jerusalem Post, and one in Haaretz, came to my attention today, and I find them very alarming, and not just for the threat to my life and country. Ahmadinejad is threatening the entire West, just as I've been predicting for a long time, using Israel as a hostage.

And Obama is too bloody stupid to realize it; and he has wasted a year during which he could have done something about it. Every day, in every way, it is becoming apparent that he is completely unfit for the immensely serious task of being President. He has achieved very little, and is ready to compromise his principles [just look what has happened to the health care reform bill -- and what will happen to it by 2014 when it's supposed to take effect] Now, he's telling Americans that they must accept that a maniac will have a nuclear arsenal. Makes "Munich" and Chamberlain look puny.

And, btw, I find his attempt to co-op Passover revolting. And frankly I find any US rabbis who pander to his distorted idea of what Pesach means equally revolting. The meaning of Pesach isn't universal; it is specific to Klal Israel. Considering how Obama is trying to stop us building in our own capital, how can he say "Next Year in Jerusalem", let alone "Next Year in Rebuilt Jerusalem" which is what Israeli Jews say at their Seder. It is as meaningful as all those "Moroccans for a day" Israeli Ashkenazi politicians who try to profit from Mimouna.

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